Skinnymixers Meets the Kettle Kone

With the new year often comes a desire to cook healthier meals!

But like us, you love to BBQ and eat delicious food right!?

Using the Kettle Kone is a great way to produce tasty food without the use of oil needed for say pan or deep frying.

We have found that a lot of Nikalene's Skinnymixers recipes are perfect for cooking with the Kettle Kone!

During the week we cooked the SM's Middle Eastern Lamb (from The Healthy Mix) using the KK and it was so delicious!

Cooked in around half an hour with no need to scrape off any excess of that amazing marinade prior to cooking because we didn't have to turn them once they went on the grill!

If you're not already a part of this wonderful community head to the Skinnymixers closed group on Facebook and like we did, discover a fabulous range of healthy recipes to cook using your Kettle Kone!

SM is about to reach an incredible milestone of 170,000 members and once they do, there will be lots of exciting giveaways happening to celebrate this massive achievement!

Link to the recipe we used:

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