About Us

Welcome to TB2 BBQ Smokers FNQ! Thanks for taking the time to check out our page and begin to find out what we’re all about!

The TB2 concept was born in February 2008 after my wife and I lost our daughter to the Congenital Heart Disease HLHS when she was 5 days old. Life as I knew it changed in a way that would never be the same again. In the months that followed after Eden’s passing I began researching American BBQ and thought about starting a Low n Slow style business but life went on without me fulfilling my dream although it was never far from my thoughts.

BBQ has been a passion for me since I was young, having spent much time as a child watching my family cook on the humble Weber kettle. This is what I believe sparked my fascination with fire and cooking with it.

I am a Boilermaker/Welder by trade and have spent over 15 years perfecting my craft.

Finally after 9 years of waiting to fulfil my dream, this year I have turned it into reality by combining my passion for cooking with my skills as a Boilermaker and created TB2 BBQ Smokers!

- Travis Baker


Trav & Tan after winning 2nd Place in 'Pork' at our first BBQ Comp in Port Douglas